Partial Checklist

(sorry for the small type but there is a lot of information here)



General condition

Location of all thru-hulls water fills and vents

Location of fuel fills and vents and waste system fittings

Inspect steering system cables and quadrant or hydraulics

Check for hatch and port-light leaks

Check bilge for standing water

Make sure anchor is secure

Vessel Paperwork

Check that state registration and federal documentation
Locate copy of insurance policy, towing policy
carry signed authorization letter from owner
Locate any necessary cruising permits
Locate ship’s log

Navigation Lights & Other Requirements

Check all for proper operation
Locate spare lamps, fuses, flashlights, spotlights
Locate horn for sound signals
Locate courtesy flags, quarantine flag, ship’s flag and bell,

if needed



Check condition of PFD’s, life-raft, flare kits
Location of abandon ship kit
Location and state of all VHF’s
Location and condition of MOB gear
Check fire extinguishers
Check for safety harnesses, boarding ladder
Locate wooden plugs for thru-hull fittings
Locate first aid kit
Check bilge pump, CO, smoke, and vapor alarms

Check installation of radar reflector


Sail & Rigging

Check condition of sails, standing and running rigging
Check procedure for reefing
Check for chafe in furling line
Locate winch handles including spares


Engine & Electrical

Engine overall condition
Location of engine manual and spares

Check gauges for operation
Check oil, transmission, steering fluid levels
Check engine hose clamps, hoses and belts
Location of spare engine oil, coolant

Look for obvious chafed wires and hoses

Location of tool kit
Verify operation of electrical panel
Check prop and rudder stuffing boxes for leaks
Check all seacocks for leaks and verify they can be  closed
Check seawater intake strainer and clean if necessary
Verify operation of bilge blower for gas engines
Check electrolyte level in batteries
Check operation of trim tabs, if equipped


Charts & Navigation

Locate charts for entire route, tides & current books
Ensure current electronic charts on board
Locate plotting tools and pencils
Check sounder, GPS, and radar operation
Locate or bring spare GPS


Adequate stove fuel
Check fresh water tank for potability
Check for legality and operation of head
Locate key for deck fills


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